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Hearing Aid Device & Glasses – Combined

If you are looking for a combined hearing aid solution with glasses, then Varibel Hearing Glasses are the perfect answer for you.
Varibel Innovations has a unique ‘best in class’ multi-microphone system that processes sound from different directions. While it lowers background noise and increases the sounds that you want to hear.

Discretely stylish

This discreet and comfortable hearing aid solution features breakthrough technology for superb sound quality. There is a stylish range of frames and colours to select from resulting in an extensive range of 80 different styles.

Sight & Sound
Perfectly balanced

Spectacle hearing aids, or hearing glasses, continue to represent an attractive option for consumers who are concerned about the discomfort of combining a hearing system with their glasses or simply the overall cosmetics of wearing a hearing aid. Recognising this concern, Varibel has developed a unique multi-microphone spectacle hearing aid system.

The system features two microphones neatly positioned inside each of the glasses’ arms to provide outstanding and unrivaled directionality for a natural sound.

Incorporating digital multi-channel technology and a rechargeable battery system, Varibel presents a complete and tailored hearing solution combining vision and hearing.

Here is what happy customers have to say about our Varibel Hearing Glasses:

“My son told me the other day that the best gift he ever gave me were a pair of Varibel Hearing Glasses. We can watch our favorite TV series now with a much lower volume.”

“I was always lost in departmental meetings making it difficult for me to make out what my colleagues were saying. Now that I have my Varibel Hearing Glasses I understand everyone and I can participate in conversations. My boss told me he has noticed a positive change in me.”

“I feel so blessed with my Varibel Hearing Glasses. I can now hear my grandchildren when they speak at family dinners. My youngest told me the other day that she is happy because grandpa now understands her when she says that she loves me.”