About us – Our Hearing Aid & Glasses Solution

Do you wear glasses with separate hearing aid devices? Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and immediately want to see and hear everything going on in the world. You reach over to your bedside table and search for your hearing aid and glasses. We understand how awkward it can be putting on one after the other, especially first thing in the morning.
If this situation sounds familiar then you’ve just discovered the perfect combined solution. Our Varibel Hearing Glasses have been perfectly designed to provide hearing aids that combine the latest technologies along with glasses that provide you with absolute comfort. Our Hearing Glasses allow you to see and hear the world as you’d expect to and there’s no longer a need to endure the awkwardness of having to search for multiple devices every morning.

We understand that your sight and the ability to detect sound are important in assisting you with your daily life. It is our philosophy to provide you with a hearing aid solution that will amplify sound as naturally as possible and at the same time maximize your ability to understand speech in all sorts of situations, even noisy and difficult ones.

Bas Striekwold

CEO (Managing Director)

Jan van Doorn

R&D Manager

Jan van Doorn graduated from the Technical University of Delft, specifically from the subjective acoustics of the applied physics department. He has previously worked for a hearing aid transducer manufacturer and as R&D manager of a Dutch hearing aid manufacturer. Jan has held the position of R&D manager at Varibel since May 2014 and is responsible for the research and development of the technical aspects of our Hearing Glasses.

Carey Dillon

Design Lead

Carey Dillon has a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University of Delft. He has worked in the hearing aid development industry since his graduation in 2003. He is responsible for product design and graphic design at Varibel.

Melissa de Ruiter

Marketing Assistant and Office Representative

Melissa de Ruiter studied Tourism and Recreation management at the University of Applied Sciences, graduating in October 2014. Melissa has been a valuable member of the Varibel team since December 2014 and provides our team with valuable marketing assistance and admin support.

Evert Bennewitz

Technical Support Specialist

Varibel – Our History

Varibel was established in 2003 and we  worked closely with Philips Electronics BV and the Technical University of Delft to develop our Hearing Glasses.

We made our Hearing Glasses available to the public back in 2006 and have generated a steady stream of attention from the international audiology community ever since.  Various studies have been carried out over the years on hearing aid products for their ability to understand speech in a noisy environment and we are proud that our Hearing Glasses have been noted for being significantly superior to other hearing aid devices.

Supported by positive feedback from our customers, we have been able to further develop our products with our customers requirements and usability in mind. We’ve continued to commercialise and optimise our products, gaining formidable ground within the Dutch market since 2012. Meanwhile, 2014 marked the internationalization of Varibel as this is when we started offering our products to selected countries around the word and expanded our Hearing Glasses collection to cater to a growing global demand.