An alternative hearing aid solution with technological enhancements packed in discreet design

Traditional hearing aids have a microphone that picks up sound, which is processed electronically in the hearing aid. The resulting signals are then passed to a tiny loudspeaker where they are converted back into louder sounds that you’d be able to hear.

Many hearing aids that you’ve probably seen simply sit visibly behind the ear and amplify sounds coming from all directions. This means that you’ll hear each and every noise, amplified, creating an uncomfortable listening experience.

Our Hearing Glasses, however, are unlike any other hearing aid devices. Each arm of the glasses is fitted with a sophisticated network of electronics, an intelligent microprocessor and an array of multiple tiny microphones. This allows the Varibel Hearing Glasses to amplify sounds from the front, while dampening surrounding noise.

The resulting sound is delivered to each ear by two tiny, almost invisible wires. You simply choose what you hear by looking in the relevant direction.

Varibel Hearing Glasses allow you to hear naturally and clearly. It returns control back to your hearing, even in noisy situations such as public places.