• TWIN hearing glasses
    Discretely stylish

    TWIN Hearing Glasses by Varibel
  • Discretely stylish
    Technologically advanced

    TWIN Hearing Glasses by Varibel

Unnoticeably Outstanding

TWIN offers great hearing, especially in difficult (noisy) situations. TWIN has the same 2-microphone array in each of the temples, just as the BLU, but has a toggle switch for manual program and volume control.


Multi-microphone array in each temple for excellent hearing in noise


Replaceable rechargeable batteries


Manual toggle switch control for volume and program switching


Comfortable RIC (receiver in canal, air conduction), with softtips and different lengths wire available for optimal fit


Wide range of frame styles and colors to choose from

Control settings with small toggle switch

Sometimes noise levels change depending on where you are: noisy streets, concerts, family gatherings, etc. With a touch of the small toggle switch on the bottom of the leg of the glasses, all you have to do is adjust the volume between 4 personal listening programs and you are good to go.

Small batteries (24/7 use)

TWIN also has rechargeable batteries that are even smaller than BLU. Now you can keep your device charged 24/7 with your pocket charger and if you order an extra set of batteries you can be always on the go.


Imagine the cost of hearing aids in one hand plus glasses in another. With TWIN hearing glasses you get two for the price of one and much cheaper than those expensive hearing aids on the market today. You get much more than you bargain for and even cheaper than BLU!

What else is included?

The following accessories are included in the box with every pair of BLU:

A frame of your choice


A color and finish of your choice


Portable charger


Glasses case


One set of batteries


One set of Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)


One set of soft domes in different sizes


Varibel TWIN Features

• Excellent directivity (dual-mic array)
• Manual program control
• Rechargeable Li-Poly battery
• Four-channel WDRC
• Adaptive feedback cancelling
• Adaptive noise reduction
• 12 Band Gain Equalizer
• Low battery warning (tone adjustments)
• Programmable through VariFit software

Fitting range

Technical Specifications

2 cc Coupler Output OSPL90

Peak 112.3 dB SPL
1000 Hz 106.7 dB SPL
1600 Hz 106.1 dB SPL
2500 Hz 108.5 dB SPL
HF Average (ANSI) 107.1 dB SPL

2 cc Coupler Full-on Gain
Input: 50 dB SPL

Peak 54.6 dB SPL
1000 Hz 48.4 dB SPL
1600 Hz 48.3 dB SPL
2500 Hz 51.2 dB SPL
HF Average (ANSI) 49.3 dB SPL

2 cc Frequency range (ANSI)

100 Hz – 6300 Hz

2 cc Total harmonic distortion

500   Hz (ANSI) 1.3 %
800   Hz (ANSI) 0.8 %
1000 Hz (IEC) 1.2 %
1600 Hz (ANSI) 1.2 %

2 cc Coupler Equivalent noise level

1000 Hz (IEC) 18.4 dB SPL
1600 Hz (IEC) 20.6 dB SPL
ANSI 21.7 dB SPL