Where to buy?

Directly online or through a retailer?
You can also try them on first at our Experience Center in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and we know that fitting any hearing aid is a delicate process that requires dedication, craftsmanship, and personal contact. Varibel therefore considers each customer´s case as an individual story. Whether you are already seeing your own hearing care professional, want to try the product, or want to purchase online and need help finding a suitable hearing care professional, Varibel can assist you.

Online shop

In order to fully meet worldwide demand, it is possible to purchase Varibel Hearing Glasses through our online shop. You can browse through our products, frames and an assortment of colors in the comfort of your own home. We can set your hearing glasses up according to your audiogram. Please feel free to submit your audiogram along with the forms. A sales representative will contact you for further assistance. Your glasses will be fitted with normal lenses. For prescription lenses you need to visit your regular optician.

Try them on

Varibel has a unique Experience Center at its main office in Arnhem, The Netherlands. We have created a unique 360 degree audio and visual simulation environment in which you can see and hear different kinds of real-life situations and test our glasses. We would like to welcome you here so you can experience first-hand what our hearing glasses can offer you. Feel free to contact us and arrange a visit.

Hearing aid dispenser or optician

Varibel Hearing Glasses are becoming available in more and more countries around the world. We have a growing network of hearing care professionals and we are continuously committed to finding you the best care and service conveniently located nearest to you. Our hearing glasses use Medical Hearing Industry standard program interfaces and are easily programmable by hearing care professionals around the world. If a dispenser is not familiar with our brand please ask them to contact Varibel for more information and training possibilities.